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Hitachi track roller EX60 bottom roller

Hitachi track roller EX60 bottom roller

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Product Description

Track roller suppliers offer many brands of bottom rollers for bulldozer and excavator, high quality undercarriage parts are hot sale online. Track roller is playing an important role in undercarriage parts, it often wear and tear, and has an impact on working. Our undercarriage parts also have carrier roller (top roller, upper roller), excavator idlers, excavator sprockets, track link assembly, excavator pins and bushings, excavator bolts and nuts etc excavator spare parts. Excavator track roller for sale online, welcome to order Hitachi spare parts!

Track Roller
Forged from deep hardening steel and heart treated for internal strength to resist bell mounting and to increase rebuilding ability.
2 pieces roller shell rim. Heat treated shells for body strength and longer wear life.
Heat treated for a deep uniform hardened deep that providers wear life equal to link wear life.
Roller shaft
shaft and bearing designed to carry and turn with heavy track weight forged and heat treated for strength.
Bearing surfaces are hardened and polished to reduce friction and wear
Center flange absorbs side thrust from roller shell.
Cast Iron bushing
Supports the bronze sleeve bearing.
Cast from iron to absorb loads without permanent deformation.
Large lubricant reservoir to reduce heat build up
Bronzed sleeve bearing
Sleeve design provides a large surface area for better load distribution.
Inner diameter surface is polished to a smooth finish.
Soft bronze coating in the bearing absorbs any small foreign particles before they can damage the shaft and seals.
Support the track as its most between the sprocket and idler.
Guide the track between the sprocket and idler
Strength to resist failure before tread wear life is utilized.
Treads wear life matched to track links.
Treads and flanges rebuild able on forged shells.
Thru-hardened flanges to resist bending and improve rebuild ability.

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