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Excavator Bucket

Excavator Bucket

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Product Description

1. Bucket sorted by its material
Excavator Bucket capacity is from 0.25 m3 to 6 m3, suit for all types excavators, best price and short delivery period.

Excavator Bucket material analysis:



Configuration and performance


Standard bucket


Normal thickness of the plate, excellent domestic toothholder

Applicable to light working environment, such as the excavating of clay, sand and loamy gravel


Strengthen bucket


Add strengthen plate in the bottom, excellent domestic toothholder, prolonged service life

Applicable to light working environment ,such as excavating and loading of hard soil, soil with soft rock ,and soft rock


Choose domestic wear-resistant plate as thootholder plate and side plate ,excellent domestic toothholder , to reach high abrasion and bending ability

Applicable to heavy environment, such as the excavating and loading of grave, soil mixed with hard rock, second hard rock, weathered grantie.

Rock bucket


Add strengthen plate in the bottom, add side protective plate and proctective plate, Korea SBIC toothholder , to reach high abrasion and bending ability

Applicable to heavy working environment, such as the loading of hard stone and ore after the blasting.

2. Specifications
Excavator Bucket Characteristics:
Large bucket capacity, and large open area;
Large stowing surface, and accordingly high coefficient of fullness;
Made of top quality structural and high strength steel, the adapters are made of domestic top quality products;
Save working time, improve working efficiency.
General digging of clay and light work, such as loading of sand, earth and gravel.

The Excavator Bucket specification covers from 0.1 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters available for the following models:
1. KOMATSU (from PC55~ PC650)
2. CAT (CAT 305~CAT385)
3. HITACHI (EX60~EX400, ZX35~ZX870)
4. CASE (CX55~CX460)
5. KOBELCO (SK55~SK480)
6. SUMITOMO (SH75~SH460)
7. HYUNDAI (R55~R505)
8. DOOSAN (DH35~DH500)
9. KATO (HD75~HD2047)
10. VOLVO: (EC55~EC700)

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